Creative Design Résumé and Cover Letter

Creative Design Résumé and Cover Letter

January 18, 2019 1 By Author GetAFreeCV

The résumé proposed here is creative and bright. With a range of warm colors from green to purple, it makes you want to read.

The first row allows you to detail your education, the interests ​​you practice and your skills. The variety of modes of presentation allows this application to be dynamic.

The next row is dedicated to the description of your employment and your work experience. These items are numbered with a frieze, which emphasizes your rigor. This model is a classic: it can be used by everyone.


Download the cover letter

To get the cover letter file in ms word format, simply click on the download button right after the next picture.

Creative design cover letter
Creative design cover letter

Download the résumé

To get the résumé file, you must take a look at our original post page here: Creative Design Résumé Template, 7 color themes.


The fonts used in these templates are Bauhaus 93 and Calibri.