Good Layout CV

Good Layout CV

July 7, 2022 2 By Author GetAFreeCV

A good CV layout with a surprising color code that will allow the candidate to stand out of the pile.

The darker shades looks amazing on this document, don’t you agree?

The graphic design surprises by skillfully revisiting the classic linear structure.

The header draws attention with its blue background while remaining sober in the content.

Details on education, work experience and career objectives are presented with sobriety.

At the bottom, skills and expertise are valued by beautifully colored histograms.

The rounded bottom left gives movement and consistency to the document.

We are surprised by its offbeat presentation.

The recruiter and hiring managers will want to know more about you for sure.


This is what your resulting documents should look like on the recruiter’s desktop.

Good layout cv and cover letter
Good layout cv and cover letter

Get the free CV

Simply click on the download link right after the next image to save the MS Word file on your device for future editing.

Good CV Layout
Good CV Layout

Two Pages Version

We created a 2 pages version of this Good Layout CV, simply click on the download button to save the MS Word format file on your computer.

2-Pages Version

Four Pages Version

Someone asked us for a 4-pages version, so we made a fil you can download here:

Cover letter

We created a matching cover letter for you to use with this resume as a premium bunble. Wow, you’ll look pro with these for your job applications.

Good cover letter layout
Good cover letter layout


The font used in these templates is Kartika. Make sure you have this one installed on your device for maximum compatibility.


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