Why is MS Word the best for writing resumes (#833 – 839)

Why is MS Word the best for writing resumes (#833 – 839)

August 13, 2015 0 By Author GetAFreeCV

Microsoft Word writing software is the most widely used for creating and modifying resumes. Why is that? Because it’s the most known, used and available writing software that ever been created.

This is the main reason why we chose to make our templates using that software. It’s easy for most people to find a computer that has this program and it’s easy to get and quite cheap to buy.

We even chose to use the .DOC extension so you get the maximum compatibility when trying to open our files for modification.

You can use all our templates for your personal and professional needs. But keep in mind that you cannot share our templates on another website unless you have our acknowledgment.

I wish you the very best luck at getting that new job you are wishing for. Everyone deserves the job of their dreams.

Here is a new one that we just created for you.



free_cv_template_833 free_cv_template_834 free_cv_template_835 free_cv_template_836 free_cv_template_837 free_cv_template_838 free_cv_template_839

Click on the following links to download each one of these curriculum vitae templates in .DOC word format: