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  • Elias says:

    Hi these CV builder
    I want to build my CV by using your templates but i have one question for you that is do you post my CV on your site? please answer me quickly.


    • Author GetAFreeCV says:

      No. Anyway, if you use one of our templates, you’ll be downloading the word file on your device and modify it there. We don’t have access to that. If you use the online CV builder, that’s our partner’s system, we don’t have access to that as well… So we cannot and never post people’s resume on here. Examples you may see here are all made by us. We posted actual real visitors cv in the past, but always with their consent. Thank you for the question.

  • Author says:

    That’s probably cause you clicked on an ad and you were no longer on our website, cause everything templates are free on

  • Claudio Quiroz Cabello says:

    Congratlations from Chile. Your website is a great tool and support.

  • Rifdi says:

    Thank you so much! Most resume sites I go to says its free but end up there is a catch and you end up paying.
    Your site is truly what it says it is and i’m sure most of your site visitors feel the same way too.

    Keep up the good work!

    Rif from Malaysia.

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