Template #947 to 953

Template #947 to 953

April 7, 2016 1 By Author GetAFreeCV

OK, you are right… why the h*ll did I use that crazy background on this resume template? Hahaha, Honestly, I don’t know… I just thought, wow, that looks amazing, people will maybe be more interested in the background than the curriculum vitae model. But you know what? Why not? Maybe I just felt crazy this morning and wanted something to punch hard.

Free for real

Someone told me something crazy about free stuff on the web. I know it’s true but… ok, he said that the word “Free” on the web was bad… cause there is lots of stupid f*k&rs that are using this word(free) to attract people on their website to sell them stuff or give them viruses… this is crazy and I know it’s true. I’ve personally been to those websites where I got a virus. But NOT HERE. Here, our stuff is free for REAL. We are really giving free cv resume templates. You don’t even have to give us your email or sign up to stupid newsletters. We are just giving this away… yeah, we show some Ads on our website, but they’re OK. They are not all over the place and pop ups… We hate websites with lots of Ads just like you do. But here, we just use a few and you know what? They are the reason why we can still offer new free stuff to everyone. So please, just add us to your favorites, share us on facebook, just do something in return if you like our templates.

How this template looks?

So there you go… honestly, the CV template isn’t bad! What you think about it? You would use it for a job application? I definitely would!

It’s great and easy to read. I was surprise by the quantity of information I could add to it! I’ve also made it in the wide variety of colors like I usually do with my resume templates. Hope you like one of them!

Hey, just drop me a line in the comments down below, I always enjoy receiving great questions and advices. So peace out and good luck in your job search!


resume_cv_template_word_947 resume_cv_template_word_948 resume_cv_template_word_949 resume_cv_template_word_950 resume_cv_template_word_951 resume_cv_template_word_952 resume_cv_template_word_953

Just go ahead and click on the following links to download each one of these resume templates in word format: