Free cv template #747 to 754

Free cv template #747 to 754

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Here is our latest curriculum vitae template that you can use for all your personal and professional needs.

We used a QR code in this version even if we know that QR Codes will probably disappear someday. But I think it looks cool on a resume. Especially if you are in the communication or technology careers.

You could replace that with your own qr code or use a picture of yourself. Though, lots of professionals says that putting your pictures on your cv isn’t a good idea. It could play against you.


free_cv_template_747 free_cv_template_748 free_cv_template_749 free_cv_template_750 free_cv_template_751 free_cv_template_752 free_cv_template_753 free_cv_template_754

Click on the following links to download each one of these tempaltes in .DOC word format: