Bloody Mary CV

Bloody Mary CV

July 1, 2022 1 By Author GetAFreeCV

We’ve been making all sorts of CV designs. This one is amazing by it’s color header. Too bright maybe? Maybe… but will get you noticed for sure.

The bloody mary CV resume template is all about color clash.

Although it is extravaganza, all the necessary informations are included into two columns of well partitioned details.

The profile block gives you the opportunity to had a quick message to your CV. This is useful if you don’t want to make a cover letter, or simply had a touch of your writing skill.

The skills graphics is a great design addition to all documents. It attracts the eyes and let you demonstrate how good you are at your expertises.

The work experience area lets you describe your current and past jobs and how you were a great employee for those businesses.

The last, but not the least, the Education block is very important. That’s why we reserve a nice space on the CV format for these details.

We think the color gradient in this piece of work is absolutely marvelous and attractive, this is why you may want to use this design for your next job applications.


This is what your resulting cv and cover letter should look like on the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s desk.

Bloody Mary CV and cover letter bundle
Bloody Mary CV and cover letter bundle

Bloody Mary CV

You can get this template for free simply by clicking on the download button right after the next image. Our files are always MS Word format for higher software compatibility.

Bloody Mary CV
Bloody Mary CV

2-Pages Version

2-Pages version

Get the two pages version of this CV by visiting this page here.

Cover letter

We created a matching cover letter for this resume design. As usual, get the file simply by clicking on the download button.

Bloody Mary cover letter


The fonts used in these files are Calibri, Myriad Pro and Kozuka Gothic Pro. Normally, you would want to use only one font, or two at the most. But this one includes three and that’s unusual. Though, the design here doesn’t suffer from it and it just looks amazingly perfect.


We used a beautiful color gradient from this page here: