CV Template and Cover Letter Bundle #2

CV Template and Cover Letter Bundle #2

December 9, 2018 1 By Author GetAFreeCV

On this page, you’ll find a CV template and cover letter bundle made from our very first and very popular template we created. You can take a look at the original documents and download the color scheme you like by visiting this page: Free CV templates #1 to 7.

We will be making cover letter and résumé bundles more often now since we think it’s a great idea to have both matching up when you apply on a new job. It will impress the recruiters and hiring managers for sure.

What it should look like once printed

cv template and cover letter bundle
CV template and cover letter bundle #1063

Download our templates

Next, you’ll want to get the files, this is very easy. Just take a look at the templates images and click on the download links right after them. You’ll then be asked to save the Word Format file on your computer, choose the destination and click save. There you go, you just get yourself a nice template with no charges.

Here’s our original CV Template

CV Template #1063

Here’s the cover letter matching this CV Template

CV Cover Letter #1063
CV Cover Letter #1063

Edit the files

Now you can open these files with Microsoft Word, or if you don’t have it and/or can’t afford the software, you can use OpenOffice which is free to install on your computer and use. Give it a try!

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