CV Template to Download and Fill In

CV Template to Download and Fill In

November 19, 2018 16 By Author GetAFreeCV

Creating a complete CV from scratch is the biggest problem most job hunters will face before going out and search for it. But you are fortunate cause you can use a free cv template for guidance and create your own piece of document very easily. This will take out all the hassle of writing it all from nothing. When you fill in a template, you must include all these details:

  • Complete name
  • Contact details including your address
  • Personal profile
  • Career objective
  • Qualifications and Education
  • Achievements
  • Employment
  • Interests and Hobbies
  • References

Note that sometimes, one of these categories may be missing in a template, that’s cause you can customize it to your personality and needs. Sometimes you don’t need all those informations, it depends on the job you are seeking as well. But it’s a good start if you can add all these. The CV below it easily editable with MS Word or any other text formatting software… if you don’t have any money to buy it, use OpenOffice, which is free and works perfectly for this job.

Download the file at the end of this page

Free web designer fresher cv template

Free web designer fresher cv template

Free web designer fresher cv template

Free web designer fresher cv template

Filling the sections of a cv template with your information

  • Contact: This section contains your name, address, phone number, email and you can even add a link to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Career: Add your career objective here if it’s good for the job you are hunting.
  • Software: List all computer software you can use for the particular work you are applying on.
  • Informations: List all other informations required by the job title here like the languages you know, your driving license, etc…
  • Hobbies: List your hobbies if you have some.
  • Experience: List the latest job employment you had in the past, recruiters want this information really bad!
  • Education: Fill in the schools you attended and diploma you received.
  • Referrals: It’s not always necessary to add this information, but can be very useful for the recruiter.

That’s it, you are good to go. Print your piece of art document and be proud to show it. When it’s done nicely, it proves you can use a text formatting software and that you have skills to sell yourself.

Good luck, we know you’ll get that job of your dreams!

How to download this template file

Now, before you begin, you need to download our file, save it on your computer and modify it.

Click on the following link to download this cv template in Word format:

You’ll have a box that will open, choose where you want to store the file and remember where it is cause you’ll need it to open it up in Word or OpenOffice.

Use this page as a structural guide to help you populate your resume.

Once again, BE PROUD to show it around, it will amaze recruiters, that’s our promise to you.