Pretty CV Template

Pretty CV Template

July 30, 2023 1 By Author GetAFreeCV

This CV resume template immediately reveals an assumed personality.

The header is original and convincing. The transparent photo and the contact icons give a modern look.

Importantly, the content is perfectly structured.

The streamlined design makes it easy to catch the eye on information. This is useful for the recruiter and hiring manager.

The pretty cv template is sober and sweet, making it pleasant to read.

Above all, the work experiences, positioned at the center of the document, are well valued. Thanks to a vertical line offering a chronological reading.

The skills, languages ​​and expertise provide a synthetic view with a very convenient slider system.

An ideal resume for executives profiles, managers and/or with proven skills.


This is what your resulting pretty cv and cover letter template should look like.

Pretty CV template and matching cover letter
Pretty CV template and matching cover letter

Pretty CV template

You can get this CV template in MS Word format simply by clicking on the download button right after the next image and save it to your computer to edit.

Pretty CV Template
Pretty CV Template

Cover letter

We created a matching cover letter. This way you can have a full professional bundle to present to recruiters and hiring managers. Simply click on the download button to get the file.

Pretty cover letter template
Pretty cover letter template


The font used in these templates is Myriad Pro. If you don’t already have it installed on your computer, you get can it for free here:

Writing Tips

Here are some resume goldmines from the government of New Zealand:


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