Successful CV

Successful CV

April 29, 2022 0 By Author GetAFreeCV

If you are looking for a resume that has the potential to positively impress the recruiter… This successful CV resume template example can do it.

The ingenious arrangement of colors creates an original and attractive presentation.

This design communicates your great sense of creativity as well as your imaginative spirit.

The typography color changes (white, black and red) depending on the background where it is placed ensures a better reading.

Moreover, the lozenge shape of the photo in the header of the document combines well with the other shapes.

All these combined makes one of the most successful CV.


This is what your result documents should look like.

Successful CV and Cover letter bundle
Successful CV and Cover letter bundle

Curriculum Vitae

You can get the template file in MS Word format simply by clicking on the download button right have the next image.

Successful CV template
Successful CV template

Cover letter

We created a matching cover letter, simply click on the download button to get the word format file.

Successful cover letter
Successful cover letter


The font used in these templates is Kartika. You must have it installed on your computer before opening these files. Get it here if you don’t have it:


Here are some resume goldmines from the Australia Government:


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