World’s Most Viewed Video Resumes

World’s Most Viewed Video Resumes

July 8, 2015 0 By Author GetAFreeCV


Here is a top list of the most popular videos resumes on the planet. You can take a great lesson on how to make a video resume just by taking a look at these.

But keep aware that making a video resume can be dangerous. It can rapidly get to the ridiculous side of the force. Making a good one isn’t an easy task! But do some hard work, a little imagination and a small pice of quality and you should create a video just like one of these.

1. Video Resume: Google Please Hire Me

2. Michael Cera’s video resume

3. David Pedersen’s video resume

4. Brittany McGraw Video Resume

5. Sajita Nair’s Short Video Resume

6. Shelly’s Professional Video Resume

7. Emily Doty’s Professional Video Resume

8. Mark Leruste Video CV, A dream job would be nice

9. Nick Belling’s Video Resume/CV

10. This one is funny haha! Nancy Roder’s video resume

Here is some examples of total video resume fails that you should avoid if you want to make your very own curriculum vitae video resume.

1. Awkward Video Resume [total fail]

2. Video Resume Fails

3. Video Résumé Fail

4. 90% of Resumes Fail for THIS reason