New Graduate

New Graduate

January 11, 2019 2 By Author GetAFreeCV

We give you 5 practical tips to make your resume more operational for a fresh graduate.

1. Understand the purpose of a resume: highlight competencies

Writing a CV is a paradoxical art: you tell your academic and professional past, the recruiter tries to read your future … in his company. If, literally, the curriculum vitae is your “life course”, the recruiter should not only see a succession of degrees, experiences and activities. It must clearly identify the skills that you own.

2. Facilitating Reading
 Your resume must appear in one page, without any superfluous words, bringing any information useful to the recruiter. The police must not be less than 11 … Serious and sobriety never displease.

3. Structuring

The ante-chronological order is the standard of presentation in three very structured headings: Training including languages ​​and informatics, Professional and possibly associative experience, Activities and centers of interest. These sections answer the three main questions of the recruiter: what is the candidate’s academic background (knowledge)? What skills has already been implemented (know-how)? What is his personality (know-how)?

4. … in three headings

The training section begins with your last diploma or the current curriculum and the expected date of the diploma and usually goes up to the baccalauréat, its series and its mention. The BAFA and the driving license do not belong in this section but you will indicate precisely your level of practice in foreign languages ​​with diplomas, scores in language tests … and stays.

There is no need to run all your experiments, there are four maximums for the Experience section. You should describe exactly the dates and durations, company name, location, job title, scope of responsibilities in budget and people and especially each of your missions which must therefore translate the required skills in the position to be filled.

Out-of-school activities are important especially for a young graduate but should not make your resume look like a travel, sports and leisure advertising catalog. Choose the most significant areas of interest that you can talk about with enthusiasm even if you do not exercise them anymore. This is the best for a fresh new graduate like you.

5. Enhance everything and “Marketer”

If you lack professional experience, reserve all the real associative responsibilities in the Experience section. You will then describe your volunteer missions or “small jobs” with clarity, precision and professionalism using the same presentation structure as for the experiments in company and without forgetting to translate them in terms of skills offered.

No verbiage or jargon specific to your previous experiences. On the contrary, do not hesitate to “market” your resume using the specific vocabulary of the positions you are targeting or the ads to which you are responding.

Here’s the Template we created for you.
What it’s supposed to look like:
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