Free resume template that you can print (#532 to 537)

Free resume template that you can print (#532 to 537)

February 23, 2015 3 By Author GetAFreeCV

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Very often on the web you will find resume templates that you can’t even figure out how to print properly. This is the case with PSD Photoshop format templates. Ok, maybe you’ll find your way through the document to modify it after hours of work. Then once you’re happy with the result, maybe you’ll have a very big pain trying to figure out how to print it. This is stupid.

This is another pro for ms word format resume templates. Why? Cause you’ll only hape to click on print to have it printed properly on your printer. No problems figuring out how to get a picture format file to fit your sheet of paper exactly how you want it to.

Here on, we offer only files that you can print easily using your text formating software.


You don’t have money to buy the Microsoft Office to get word? No problem, you can use OpenOffice to open and modify all our files. This is the way to go to get as many people as possible to use our ready to use files.

Better, here, you don’t have to sign up to download our files. We will not ask for personnal informations, emails, money, nothing… all you have to do to get the file is click on the download links at the end of this article.

Did we thank you for coming here? No? Yes, we are thanking you big time! And we wish you all the best luck to get the job of your dreams.

Now take a look at our latest original free cv template:

free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_532 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_533 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_534 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_535 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_536 free_resume_template_that_you_can_print_537

Click on the following links to download each of these free cv resume template that you can print: