The Secret to Writing a Cover Letter Recruiters Will Love

The Secret to Writing a Cover Letter Recruiters Will Love

December 19, 2018 5 By Author GetAFreeCV

In this post, we’ll be talking about how to write a cover letter that will get you a phone call.

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I want to talk about cover letters. Especially how to write one the hiring managers will absolutely love and how to get them to call you for an interview right away. 

Before we begin, I want to ask you a question:

“True or False? Do hiring managers actually read cover letters?”

What do you think? Well the truth is most people think they don’t, especially cause they don’t hear from recruiters. But, I’m here to tell you that’s false. Actually, recruiters tell us that they read the good ones. They immediately get rid of the bad ones. 

What we are saying is that most cover letters stink.

That’s the truth.

It’s painful, it’s hard to hear. And why is that? Well… there’s too much blah, blah, blah going on in that cover letter and a lot of brag, brag, brag. And that’s what turns recruiters off.

Recruiters and hiring managers can open a cover letter, skim it quickly, and if they see that it reads just like every other they get, and it’s all about you and how great you think you are… They’re not going to bother to read it. And that is the truth.

You have to have an attention grabbing cover letter.

Recruiters can skim quickly until they find an attention-grabbing cover letter.

That’s the secret to getting it read. And the truth is, this is a powerful tool, it isn’t something that we should glass over.

The cover letter is more important, more valuable and has more power than your résumé does. And I’m gonna talk about why that is. 

When you show a personal connection, when you reveal something about yourself that evokes an emotion in the reader, that is a powerful cover letter. That’s what’s gonna get the recruiter to look at your CV and give you a phone call.

You have to really connect with the employer on a very personal level. 

So how do you do that?

There’s a few ways:

  • Tell them how you’ve come to learn what they do is special. So how, in your personal experience, your life experience, did you learn that what they do is different, better, faster, cheaper, smarter, more quality, whatever it is. How do you emotionally connect with their brand. Tell them that story.
  • Tell them a story about the first time you ever used their product or their service. What better way to explain “I get you”, “I feel connected to you” and “I want to work for you” then telling them a personal story about your experience with them.
  • Tell them about an overall life experience that helped you feel connected to their tribe. Something that’s happened to you that is causing you to have a value or a belief that you know are in lines with their values and beliefs, and that you can make that actual connection. 

The Fact is, the more personal the cover letter, the better!

It makes all the difference in the world and if you think about it, it’s really not that hard to do. 


A great example is the one of someones who applied to work for a Medical Equipment Company. In his cover letter, he told them how he remember when his grandmother was at the hospital and that lots of pieces of equipment in the room had their logo on it. And how much these pieces of equipment were important to the care for her. And the huge difference it made in her life. Very very powerful and emotional… Guess what? He got a call from the recruiter.

So in this example, you can see that when you get them a “hello”, when you tell them a story that just wakes them up, you get their heart and their mind engaged. That’s really the key here. You kind of draw them. What you are trying to do, you are trying to create and emotional reaction. You want them to read something that draws emotion in them. Why is that? It’s cause when you do that, when you tell a story and create and emotional reaction, you’re creating connection. That makes the recruiters, employers and hiring managers feel connected to you: The job seeker. You’re not just a piece of paper anymore. That’s really powerful don’t you think?

This is called a “Disruptive Cover Letter”. Because you are disrupting the brain of the person who’s reading it. And when you focus, and you disrupt this reader, you’re getting them out of auto-pilot. You’re taking them off that “Oh, here’s just another cover letter that I should throw away.” They all of a sudden see you as a person. Again, not as a piece of paper, but as a real human being. 

I can guarantee you that if you do that, you’ll get a phone call, and they’ll tell you it’s the greatest cover letter they’ve read in months. “I don’t remember the last time a cover letter got my attention like this.” Best part about this, is that you’re on the phone with the hiring manager. 

Now, here’s how easy it is to create one.

It only takes three simple steps:

  1. Think about what way you connect with the company you want to work for. Remember a story about them. Question yourself about what happened to you in the past that involved their product or service. Make it very personal and emotional.
  2. Fill out a template. We provide lots of nice Cover Letter templates here. You can browse them all here.
  3. Show it to someone for review. Just to be sure it’s good and creates an emotion with the reader. A second set of eyes is nice, maybe someone who knows about cover letters.

Average time you should take to create your cover letter? 1-2 hours.

Yes it takes some time to do it, but then you can use it for multiple job applications just by tweaking it and small modifications. Usually, you are looking for a job in a certain industry, so you’ll be able to reuse your work.

You’ll agree that spending an hour to create a great cover letter and getting a phone call, is better than to use a generic one and have it tossed in the recycle bin.

Now you know the secret about creating that ultimate powerful tool a cover letter can be. And you must admit, it’s not that complicated after… I’m sure now knowing this you have tons of ideas for your next job applications.

Let us know how that secret helped you and if you learned something in the comments down below.